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Facebook page marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business right now as Facebook gets the second most traffic on the web next to google.The problem is though, most people do not know how to use Facebook page marketing in their business so all we see is everyone going around and spamming their links all over the Facebook groups.

In this post about Facebook Page Marketing I am going to show you how you can build your foundation on your Facebook page. Remember, the foundation of your fanpage is key to your success with this marketing method and if you can’t get this right then you are sure to fail.

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1. Facebook Fan Page Name

Your Facebook Fanpage name is a very important part if you wish to do marketing on Facebook.  This is your chance to be able to brand yourself as a professional and an authority in your niche.

All too often people put the name of their MLM company or affiliate products in their name, which don’t get me wrong can work for you. But, the problem is, if or when something happens between you and your company (company shuts down, you join another company etc.) now you have created a following that is attached to that brand that you created.

So as you can see it is very important for you to brand yourself as a professional and an authority in your niche and your Facebook Page Name is your first chance. I would recommend just using your own name as you can see in this picture.

2.Facebook Page Cover Photo

This is a very important part to your Facebook page marketing,  especially if you plan on doing any paid advertising. Even if you are not doing any paid advertising you should at least make sure that you have a nice professional looking HD cover photo. You can either pay a professional to design one, google hd cover photos and find one you like or you could use a free tool like canva.com to create stunning cover photos.

If you do plan on doing any Facebook PPC Marketing, it is very important that you do not have any more than 20% text on your cover photo image. The reason for this is because Facebook does not allow more than 20% in your advertising and sometimes they will actually check your Facebook page to see if your cover photo is following these guidelines as well.

Here is an example of too much text on a cover photo. This is from my own personal page. Keep in mind that I am not doing any paid Facebook Marketing right now so I don’t have to worry about the 20% text rule.


3.Not Using Keywords

Another big mistake that people make in their Facebook Page Marketing is not using keywords and optimizing it for the search engines.

If you want to be found in any of the search engines like Facebook’s search engine or even Google search engines then you need to make sure that when you are setting up your page that you are using keywords that are related to your niche so that people will be able to find you.

Alot of people don’t even realize that Google will pick up Facebook pages and the content that is on them in their search results which could potentially mean missed traffic for you.

So be sure to put keywords in your about section like you will see below as well as your bio and even your posts on your page.



4.Not Claiming Facebook Vanity URL

Not claiming your vanity URL is another Facebook page marketing mistake that lots of people make because it is not part of the set up process so it actually gets over looked.

This is important if you plan o sharing your page with anyone. If you don’t change it, it will look something like this



As you can see this is not a very easy URL to remember and share with people so that they can head over and visit your Facebook page.

Keep in mind that most times you will not be able to change this URL right away. Usually you will need to either hold the page for a while and/or get a certain number of likes before you are allowed to change it. So just be conscious of this and keep checking back and change it as soon as possible.

5. Not Utilizing Application Tabs

The applications tab in your Facebook marketing page is definitely one of the most overlooked aspects, yet it is a very powerful way to generate leads from within your Facebook Fanpage.

Using the apps you add in capture pages that people will be able to go to within Facebook and you capture their information and of course you get another lead. They look something like this on the side of your page

Facebook Apps

And then as you can see in this picture when people click on the app it actually presents them with a capture page and they havn’t even left Facebook


One major downfall with this is it is not always the easiest task to do which is a big reason why MLSP is so powerful when you are building your business and generating leads. Yiou can add these apps to your Facebook page with a few click of your mouse and couple stabs of the keyboard.

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