You have put in all the work to create a blog, picked the right theme, set up your plugins, added some media but nobody even knows it exists. Lets solve that problem for you and look at ways to get traffic to your blog and get more blog exposure.

Let’s face it, you can have the best blog in the world but if you do not know how to get visitors to your blog then you are just wasting your time, right?

In this blog post I am going to give you 6 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog Starting Today, these are strategies that you are going to be able to implement starting right now to see an instant spike in your visitor count.

Also I will show you how to get hits on your blog over time using keyword research and SEO strategies that will help people find your blog on google when they type in specific keywords.

How To Get More Hits On Your Blog Starting Today!

city-cars-road-trafficIn this section of this blog post I am going to share with you how to increase blog traffic for free starting immediately.

This is a very simple strategy that anyone can do, all you need are few accounts on different social media platforms and you’re off to the races.

The best way to use this strategy is to set up an account on all of the following sites and share your blog content across all platforms every time you create a new blog post. By doing this will be sure to get traffic to your blog.

Also if you haven’t already you need to find and install a social sharing plugin on your blog. This is where you will share your content from! I recommend using the Monarch Social Plugin

  1. Pinterest – Once you have created your blog you want to “PIN IT” to a board on Pinterest. Personally I create boards that are congruent to whatever my blog post is about. For example if your blog post is “6 Foods That Are Sure to Help You Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days” then you would create a board called “Weight Loss” and not “Exercise Tips”. Also when you Pin your post edit the description with your link to your blog post, a few related hashtags and be sure to add in the description “Re-Pin if you got value”
  2. StumbleUpon – This one here is a simple yet very powerful source to get traffic to your blog. All you need to do is be sure that you have stumbleupon in your share plugin and click on stumble and it will ask if you like the post and if it’s safe for work. BAM you’re done!
  3. Facebook – Now Facebook has a few different ways that we are going to implement to increase traffic.
  • Facebook Page – If you don’t already have a Facebook page then you are missing out on a lot of traffic and engagement on your blog, so if you don’t then start one now. Anyway this is a simple step you just want to share your blog to your page and tell people to “SHARE” if they get value.
  • Facebook Groups – Next you want to join groups related to your specific niche. Keep in mind that it doesn’t make sense to post your blog to groups that have nothing to do with your niche for example if you are in the weight loss niche then you don’t want to post in a group about golfing. Now all you do is copy your blog post link and share in all the different groups with a brief description of what your post is about.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

  1. Twitter – This is also another simple yet effective way to get traffic to your blog. This strategy works better if you have more twitter followers of course but keep in mind that if have a very targeted audience on Twitter then you don’t need thousands of followers. You will also want to use hashtags here as well, just make sure that they are congruent with your blog post.
  2. Google Plus – This is a lot like using Facebook to share your blog posts. You want to share a brief description that includes “Plus One if you got value from this post” and of course a link to your blog post.
  • Google Plus Groups – Again much like Facebook groups you want to join groups that are related to your niche and then go ahead a share your blog posts in these groups. Keep in mind some groups expect you to engage a certain amount before you can share or want you to jump through hoops before you share, this is up to you if you want to take part in these groups but personally I do not waste my time.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Using SEO Strategies

Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using SEO StrategiesUltimately this is the long term strategy but my favourite way to get traffic to my blog. The reason that you want to make sure that you are implementing this strategy is because all the strategies listed above take ongoing daily action in order to get more traffic.

But proper SEO on the other hand will get your posts found on google for the keywords you are trying to rank for, up to months and even years to come. So I’m sure you’ll agree this is what all bloggers are looking for, Right?

  • Keyword Research – This is very important if you want to get traffic to your blog from google. This should be the first step that you take even before you have created a blog post in fact you should have a long list of keywords that you are going to target even before you start your blog. I recommend this Keyword Research Tool to learn about and do your keyword research.
  • On Page SEO – Now that you have found your keywords it is time to start doing your On Page SEO. This relates to everything from the way your blog settings are set up right to the structure of your blog posts. I highly recommend this free training to get you started
  • Off Page SEO – Once you have all your On Page SEO into place and you have published your blog post you will then start the Off Page SEO strategies. The strategies that I share with you above that show you how to direct traffic to your blog are part of this process but if you want to take it to the next level then I recommend getting some backlinks, and or creating a syndication network.

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