Are you sabotaging your own success in both your life and your business with your self limiting beliefs?

Are you struggling to overcome these self limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your business?

This is one of the biggest reasons that people fail miserably when they try to build an business online.

In this blog post I am going to give you six ways that you can overcome this obstacle in your business and finally start seeing the success that you have always dreamed of.

6 Ways to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs Once and for All

  1. find pain self limiting beliefsFind Your Pain – I’m sure that you have probably heard of the term “you need to find your why” well I’m here to tell you that to be successful and overcome your self limiting beliefs you need to do more than that to drive you.You need to dig deep inside and find your pain you want to find something that will drive you to walk through fire to reach your goals.For example my why is “I want to be able to stay at home with my wife and kids and enjoy the freedom to do what we want when we want” but my pain is “I am sick and tired of working my ass off day in and day out 10-16 hours a day so that my boss can jump in his private jet and fly to Arizona and stay in his vacation home whenever he wants to, while I have to fight for a week off in the summer to enjoy my family”As you can see my pain has a lot more power to drive me to overcome my self limiting beliefs because I know that if I do not succeed then I will have to keep building my bosses dream lifestyle instead of my own.What Is Your Pain? Head over to my Facebook page and give me a Like then private message me and let me know what your pain is! Click Here To Access My Facebook Page
  2. take action self limiting beliefsTake Massive Action –Now this may sound a little counter intuitive but when you are struggling to over self limiting beliefs and take the action you need to take, that is the exact time that you need to take action.Seriously get up off your butt and take action because action actually counteracts inaction. So you can just start small here if you need to, if there are things you don’t like to do then take little baby steps. Focus on the small actions and keep moving forward.Just a little tip here, start keeping a journal or a progress report and record every action that you take that is getting you closer to your goals then you will find that at night you will feel fulfilled because you actually did something to move forward.Remember, stop focusing on the lack of (leads, sales, freedom etc.) and start focusing on the positive things you are doing to move forward. Once you do this then everything else will start to fall in place.
  1. comparing-self-limiting-beliefsStop Comparing Yourself To Others – If you tell me that you are not guilty of this then I am going to tell you that you are a liar. Everybody does it, especially when we are first getting started!But you need to stop it right now, you can’t compare your failures or successes to anyone else. You don’t know exactly what the other people have gone through to get where they are today. OK, sure that person joined your business at the same time as you and is getting better results but do you know exactly what they are doing to get those results?I didn’t think so!You need to be just like a race horse and put your blinders on. All you to worry about is your own race and keep pushing toward the finish line and you will get there.
  1. invest in yourselfInvest In Yourself – Immerse yourself in your profession or your niche. You will become super powerful with the knowledge that you fill yourself with. Every chance that you get to invest in yourself I would suggest that you do it because the more you can increase your value the more income you can make.You should always be a student and push yourself to be learning something new every single day.And you should not only invest in stuff related to your business but you also need to invest in yourself as a whole. Really tap into your mind, heart and soul through reading, audios, coaching, and videos that will help you become an overall better person.
  1. Network Marketing SuccessVisualize Success – When you actually start to visualize the things that you want more in your life it will actually greatly increase your success at overcoming self limiting beliefs.Who do you want to be?Where do you see yourself in X amount of days, weeks, months or years?Maybe you want to start doing affirmations first thing in the morning and at night so that you can keep telling yourself that you deserve to be successful, you deserve to have fulfilling relationships, and you deserve to have a profitable business.I would also recommend making up a vision board and spend time every single day just really looking at and envisioning what it would look like and feel like to have actually achieved the things on your vision board

    Also you need to remember that once you have visualized the end result of whatever you want to achieve then you need to take steps toward that visualization. Don’t stop taking those steps even if it may seem like you are not reaching your goals fast enough. Keep moving forward

  1. reprogram your mindReprogram Your Mind – This brings us to very important part of overcoming your self-limiting beliefs. And it’s not all your fault, in fact our minds have been shaped and programmed over tine to make us think and act the way that we do. And the truth of the matter is if you want to change that then you need to start to reprogram your mind.Let’s face it, when it comes to making money most of us were raised to be employees, not business owners. Our society, education systems, governments and even our own friends and families have hammered an employee mindset into us.As I already mentioned it is up to you to start to reprogram your mind because nobody is going to do that for you!

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