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So you probably stumbled across my blog because you heard about some company or training platform called DS Domination and you want to know if it is what everybody says it is. If this is what you are looking for than you have come to right place because I am going to expose the truth and go over exactly what you can expect with the Pro $19.95 basic entry level training. I will let you in on exactly what you can expect. There will be absolutely no surprises if you do decide to dive into the training and start building your own drop ship business by implementing the training in DS Domination. So if this is what you are looking for than please read on.

DS Domination Pro Review – What Exactly Is This Drop Ship Training?

If you are new to the whole idea of DS Domination Pro and the drop shipping method that is taught within the training then it can seem a little confusing at first. The truth of the matter is drop shipping can be a very profitable way to build a business from home if you are doing it right and have the right training and support team behind you.

So Roger Langille (the face of DSD and eBay Titanium Power Seller), after being approached by many, decided that he would package up everything that he had learned over the last 10 years of building his eBay empire and offer it to the masses. Along with his business partners Jason Rose, Kevin Hokoana, and Hitesh Juneja they put together a training platform that actually walks you through step by step how to build your own eBay drop shipping business.

**Update** Roger Langille is no longer involved in any way with DS Domination, I am not 100% certain as to why he decided to part ways. But rumor has it that Jason, Kevin and Hitesh had a different plan than he did for the future of the company.

Here’s What’s Included with DS Domination PRO:

1) Step-by-step training videos that teach you the basics of eBay drop shipping.

These videos teach you the basics of how to find and list items when drop shipping from

2) Live bi-weekly training webinars from Roger.

During these webinars, Roger showcases his exact methods for finding and listing profitable items from You will also be able to pick his brain if you have any questions in regards to your business. ALL webinars are recorded and stored for future reference so that you will always be able to reference them in the future.

3) Title builder – a web based piece of software that helps you title your eBay items.

Titles are everything. To maximize sales, you want to include as many relevant keywords in your title as possible. Type in a keyword, and the title builder will give you a list of relevant keywords. This will help you out-title your competition and make more sales.

4) DSD Insights – a web based piece of software that helps you manage your eBay business from within DSD.

In just a few seconds you will be able to connect your DS Domination account to your eBay account and pull a bunch of vital information that will help you track sales, process orders and calculate profits and fees.

5) Listings Integration – a valuable tool that will manage price and stock changes for you.

As you grow your Drop Shipping Empire this tool will be a very vital part of your success. Listings Integration will actually track all your items and adjust your prices and stock statuses as they change on Amazon so that you will not be caught with your pants down and either losing money or not being able to fulfill an order that went out of stock

What I Like About DS Domination Pro!

The thing that I must say that I like most about DS Domination Pro is that you can’t even put a price on the knowledge that I have gained from the training. I can make money from anywhere I want with or without the help of DSD. Even if they decided to close the doors tomorrow I will still be making money because the money that is coming in and the work that I am doing is not dependant on DS Domination.

But as long as the doors are still open I have access to all the tools and resources that help me to be able to grow and expand my business with confidence like listings integration. Without this valuable tool I don’t know how I would be able to find the time to be able to manage my own listings. I would have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars every month to track and manage all of my stock and price changes rather than it being included with my $19.95 membership in DS Domination.

What I Don’t Like About DS Domination Pro!

Even though there are so many pros within DS Domination Pro there are also a few things that people don’t like when they get in and start their drop shipping business. The biggest thing for me when I got going was to find out that I could only list 10 items on eBay when I got started then you have to call eBay every 30 days to increase your limits. It doesn’t matter where I looked before I decided to get in, nobody told me this. So I felt like I could not build as fast as everyone said I could.

Also even though the basic training is very straight forward on exactly how to build your business from the ground up, step by step. Many people don’t even know about the extra tools that are available to us to help us grow our business.  The layout of the DS Domination back office does not make them readily available unless you know what you are looking for.

**Update** When I first got rolling with DS Domination I learned alot about drop shipping and selling on eBay. And honestly it was super easy to make money by using the techniques taught. But as time went on sales seemed to dwindle more and even though my eBay store was getting bigger and bigger. I beleive that the reason for this was largely due to the fact that the techniques being taught were slowly steering away from the training taught by Roger originally. Also the fact that their success as a business over saturated the eBay selling platform.

DS Domination Pro Review – My Overall Thoughts on the Business!

With all this said I must say that I am forever in debt to the creators of DS Domination. In the time that I hung my hat there they taught me so much about the opportunities that are available in the ecommerce space. E-Commerce is a great way for average people like you and I to build a profitable business online without having to recruit people into the opportunity.

But on the other hand I believe that DS Domination itself, the training and the community died when Roger Langille decided to part ways. E-Commerce was what he was a master at while the others were a marketer, a tech guy and a business man.

How are they suppose to help people build their e-com business when they don’t have a clue themselves?

Much of the business that they still get today is probably driven by Jesse Singh Reviews. This guy is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to driving traffic to DS Domination and Infinii (the new DS Domination, just more money but same owners and content)

Another thing that I found not only with DS Domination but with dropshipping as a whole is it takes alot of time and effort to keep things running smoothly. I don’t know about you but my dream of financial freedom also includes time freedom. And I can’t see that happening unless of course you outsource the majority of the process.

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