One of the quickest ways to becoming an authority online in your niche is to create content and share it with the world. Not just any content though, you need to think like your target market and bring them valuable content that will solve their problems they’re having.

For example if you are in the weight loss niche then to become an authority online in your niche you need to start creating valuable content that will help all the people who are looking to lose weight and people will begin to look up to you and see you as an authority.

What Is The Best Way To Get Your Content To Your Audience?

This is a hard question to answer because in the online world now there are so many different ways to get your message out there while you are working to become an authority online.

You have Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, Blogging, Article Marketing and so much more. But you need to look at yourself and what marketing strategies resonates with you and run with it because they all work if you take the time to put in the work.

Personally I like to do video and Blogging and here is the reason why. Video is one of the best ways to connect with people because they are actually seeing you and interacting with you and they begin to know, like and trust you faster. And the reason I do blogging is because I control my blog, it is my world and no one else can decide what I can or can’t post, shut down my account and  when people are on my blog they are not distracted by everything else going on.

What To Talk About To Become An Authority Online!

You probably have a ton of content that you can can share with people who are looking for it and you don’t even realize it. What are you learning everyday, what books are you reading, take notes and create content.

Your notes are actually uncashed checks that you can cash by creating content and sharing it. There are people in the world ho will never be impacted unless you share your message.

So you simply need to use the Invest, Learn, Teach method, which means that you Invest in your education with either time or money, Learn  the things that your target market wants to know and then you Teach it to the people who are looking for your message in the form of content online and that is how to become an authority online.

Why Should Someone Listen To You?

So now you might be saying, “why should someone listen to me when I am not already an authority online?”

The truth of the matter is, nobody is looking at your resume. All that people really want to know is that you have something of value to them and that you can teach them what they want to learn.

You don’t need to know everything in order to teach people. Just look at your target market and think about what it is that keeps them tossing and turning at night and pump content out there that will help them solve those issues.

And that is how to become an authority online and why people will listen to you!

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Never  again read a book, watch a video, take a course or attend an event without sharing what you are learning

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