Build Your Own MLM BlogHey Chris here again,

Are you looking to build your very own MLM Blog but you just don’t know where to get started?

Or maybe you have built a blog but you are just not happy with what it looks like and don`t how to build it out.

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, just not too long ago I had a blog that looked terrible and I felt like I was always spending so much time trying to design every aspect of it, researching plugins and themes and make a perfect website but what I found is I didn’t even have time to produce content.

Do you want to spend all of your time building your website or do you just want to get in and start creating blog content?

In this post I am going to  share with you why an MLM Blog is critical to your success, what kind of content you should put in your blog and show you how to set up a stunning lead generation blog very fast.

Why Should You Build a Network Marketing Blog?

internet marketing blogAs I just mentioned previously, an MLM Blog is absolutely critical to your success especially if you plan to be in MLM or Network Marketing for a log period of time.

How many successful online marketers do you know without their own self branded blog?

Not too many right?

Here are 3 reasons why building an mlm blog will help you to be able to network marketing success:

  1. A personal branded blog will create instant credibility for your audience. When people land on your page, especially a well designed page, they look at you as an authority within whatever niche you’re in.
  2. Your blog is your space, there are no outside distractions like other videos or status updates for your audience to get distracted by. You have their full attention. Also no-one can take this away from you (Ex. getting banned on Facebook or YouTube) this is your piece of real estate online!
  3. Every piece of content that you put on your mlm blog will be there for as long as you keep it there, also as long as you keep it there google and other search engines will be able to provide you with visitors.

Let’s face it you can have one of the best mlm programs available but if no-one can find you than you will not have the opportunity to show them.

What Content Should You Put In Your MLM Blog?

network marketing blogThis kind of depends on what niche you are currently in! So you need to ask yourself a few different questions

  • who is your target market?
  • what are the problems they are currently having
  • how can you help them solve those problems

Keep in mind you should not use your blog in order to spam people, this will never work and you will only be wasting your own time.

What you want to do is add compelling valuable content into your blog that is going to solve the issues that your target market is having.

For example if you are in a weight loss network marketing business then you will start pushing out content like

  • How to lose 10 pounds in 30 days
  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • How to shed those pesky holiday pounds

Or let`s just say that you are targeting other network marketers:

I think you kind of get the idea, right?

Now you might be asking, where can I find all the content for my new MLM Blog?

Making Money Online Isn't Magic

Honestly this is the easy part, you have content all around you you just need to know how to find it. Here are a few places where you can find content for your new network marketing blog

  1. Books in your niche, think Amazon best sellers!
  2. Magazines at the checkout in your grocery store, great ideas for headlines as well!
  3. Coaching Calls, this can go both ways, as the coach and the coached!
  4. Current World Events, think what is going on and how you can share it with your own spin!
  5. Sharing The Benefits Of Your Products that you are selling and then point people to those products!
  6. Quotes from leaders past and present in your niche, people love quotes!
  7. Your Notes, these are like un-cashed checks and you probably have a stack of them

So there you have it, now you know what kind of content you can put in your MLM Blog starting today, basically to do a recap. Make sure that you are constantly adding value to your mlm blog and not just spamming your audience, because you will not have an audience if you are doing this wrong.


How To Set Up Your Very Own Lead Generating MLM Blog!

Setting up your very own MLM Blog does not have to be as hard for you as it was for me when I first got started.

In fact with the NEW MLSP Sites Blog you can literally set up your blog in minutes and then customize it to look exactly how you want it to look within a couple of hours.

No word of a lie, when I switched my blog over to MLSP Sites, it took me about 1/2 hour make it look like and do what my previous blog was doing (I was working on my previous blog for about a year), then within another hour or so I had creating something that I would have never even imagined creating.

The best thing that I found with MLSP Sites was the detailed walk through videos but even better than that was all of the plugins and themes that were already installed, all of which would of cost me thousands if I was to install them on my previous MLM Blog


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