So you’ve decided that you want to make money by blogging but the problem is what niche should you enter? In this article I am going to show you exactly how to find an affiliate marketing niche that is profitable but won’t feel like a job to work in.

Choosing the right niche is something that most people overlook when they first get into blogging, myself included. Personally I have a number of websites that I started to build out and that is as far as they have gone. I’m not saying that these abandoned sites are not profitable because for the right person they are but they don’t work for me.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of time on this step of the process because this could very well be where you are going to hang your hat for years to come. As you’re going through the steps that I outline in this article you may pick a niche that you love and then find out that you have to go back to square one. Don’t get discouraged if this happens because by the time we’re done you are going to find something that you’re passionate about and you can build a business around.

What you’re about to learn in this article should help you to decide on a niche that you are not just going to waste your time on and abandon down the road as I did.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Marketing Niche?

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Marketing NicheThis is something that seems to confuse people all the time. In fact some people fail to even get started because they don’t understand what this is. So before I get to deep into this process I just want to make sure that you are as clear as mud on what an affiliate niche is. In our case a niche is a specialized but profitable corner of the market that we want to tap into. Or in other words an audience of people that are looking to solve a specific problem and we are going to offer that solution.

Now you might be wondering what I mean by a specialized corner of the market. Here is my best explanation I can think of. Not only are we looking to get into becoming a doctor. But we want to specialize and become a surgeon or even dig deeper and become a brain surgeon. I will explain more on this a little later on and why this is so important.

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche You’re Passionate About

Once you start to build your new niche site it is going to take up a ton of your time and effort before you are going to start to turn a profit. So if are a manly man who enjoys cars and sports, chances are you are not going to be able to successfully build a site about sewing.

With that said the first step that you should take in finding an affiliate niche is sitting down and figuring out what your passions and interests are.

  • What do you enjoying doing in your spare time?
  • Do you love animals?
  • Is there a hobby that you are particularly good at and could teach others?
  • Do you enjoy cooking or baking?
  • Are you a sports fan?
  • Is there a hobby or activity that you have been dying to get into?

And the list can go on and on. At this point we don’t really want to get too specific. Just sit down and make yourself a list of your hobbies and passions. Or as I mentioned in the last point, stuff that you aren’t currently doing but you want to get into. Keep in mind that there really is no wrong answers here, you can literally build an affiliate site on anything.

For example I want to get into kayak fishing so naturally before I get into it I want to do some research and learn everything that I can about kayak fishing. So I decided to build an affiliate site around kayak fishing and share all of my research. I also know a guy that builds out affiliate sites when he wants to buy something, and uses his earnings to purchase that product. For example if he wants to purchase a brand new TV then he will build out a site about TV’s. Then once his site has generated enough income, not only does he have the money to purchase one but now he is knowledgeable enough to pick the one he truly wants.

Once you have found a good broad list of niches that you might be interested in getting into you can move onto the next step!

Going Too Broad Or To Specialized Is A Bad Idea

Now that you have a good idea of the niche that you want to get into it’s time to start to narrow it down. Remember earlier when I mentioned that you want to specialize in a small corner of the market. This is where you will begin figuring out where you’re going to specialize. It is important though to remember that you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin and go too specialized. 

For example if you are like myself and really into fishing, you will want to drill down into a smaller corner of the fishing niche. See the image below for an example too broad, too specialized and what you are looking for.

Too Broad Or Too Specialized Is A Bad Idea

Here Are 3 Reasons To Specialize In A Small Corner Of A Niche

  1. If you are just getting started out with affiliate marketing things are already going to be confusing and sometimes hard. Not to worry it will get easier as time goes on. Anyways if you go too broad, now you have created a monster because of all of the content possibilities. It will cause analysis paralysis resulting in getting nothing done.
  2. The more that you can brand yourself in a corner of a niche then the more that people will see you as an authority. Everybody wants to listen to and learn from the authorities in a niche, not some know it all jack of all trades.
  3. Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest benefits is what it will do for your SERPs. When Google and other search engines crawl your site, they love to see that you are focusing on one specific topic. It makes their job easier to know that your site is about “fly fishing” for example. Which means they will rank you higher in the fly fishing niche.

Once you have drilled down and have a list of a couple of specialized niches that you may be interested then we will move on! 

Does Your Niche Have Search Traffic?

Now that you have drilled down your niche it is time to do a little research. You could choose what you think is the best niche in the world but it’s pointless if there is no demand for the niche. It is important at this step not to over complicate things. All we want to do is check for search traffic using a keyword tool. There is no need do any research on your competitors despite what some people teach.

Some people think that you need to find a niche that no other marketer knows about or at least very view. The problem with this strategy is that chances are there is not enough traffic to make it worth it. This is why you want to do some keyword research and just make sure that there is some kind of demand in your niche.
Toe Nail Collector Niche Keyword Research

Notice how the “Toe Nail Collector Niche” has less than 10 people searching for it per month. There are some weird profitable niches but this is not one of them. I recommend that when you enter your niche into a keyword tool that there are around 10,000 or more searches per month. Like the image below where there are 10,573 searches for fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Niche Keyword Research

I Recommend Using KWFinder – Click Here For Free Searches

Will Your Niche Be Able To Turn A Profit?

Can You Turn A Profit IN Your NicheOne of the things that I learned early on when I first got into affiliate marketing was how to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing. All too often people find a niche that they are passionate about and spend months and even years working on. Only to find out that there is really no money to be made. You can blog about something that you are passionate about all day long but at the end of the day, if you are not making money, you do not have a business!

**Note** This is the part of the process that you might find that you end up going back to square one. If we could do this process first, efficiently, then we would but unfortunately we can’t. Another option rather than going back to square one would be to broaden up your niche a little.

Step 1: Finding Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

The first step of ensuring that you are going to make money with your niche is making sure that there affiliate programs in your niche. There are a few different ways that you can do this. The first thing is checking the major affiliate networks to see if they have products related to your niche. Here are 5 of the most popular affiliate networks.

Another thing that you can do is turn to Google to see if there are affiliate programs related to your niche. This step is very simple, all we need to do is go to google and type in “your niche affiliate program”. There are so many different affiliate programs out there so chances are you are going to find at least a handful.How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche Program

Step 2: Figuring Out Your Potential Earnings

Now that you have found an affiliate program or even a couple of them that you could use let’s have a look at potential earnings. There are a few different things to take into consideration here.

  • How many products are available that you could potentially recommend? If you plan on building out a large authority niche site (hint: this is where the money is) then you want to make sure that there are lots of products you could potentially earn commissions on.
  • Are they digital or physical products? Generally digital products tend to pay more in commission than physical products do. You can expect to receive 50% to 75% for digital sales and 4% to 12% with physical products.  
  • How much do the products cost to purchase? One thing that people tend to do is get into a niche that doesn’t pay. It is ok to have low cost items in your niche but make sure that there are some higher ticket items as well. When it comes to digital products you can usually get away with promoting lower ticket items due to larger commissions. But if you are promoting physical products then I recommend trying to find products that are over $100 to $200. You will also want to throw in some lower ticket physical products as well. Notice in the image below how fly fishing on Amazon has over 5000 products over $100, that’s a ton of earning potential if you ask me!

Fly Fishing Niche On Amazon Total Products

My Final Thoughts On Finding An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Using the tips and strategies I have shared with you in this post you should have no problems picking a niche. If you managed to come up with a few niches don’t get too excited. Pick just one of those niches and run with that one. Trust me it will be enough work building out one single site. Put your other niches on the back burner for a future project.

Here’s a quick recap for you:

  • Brainstorm and come up with a broad list of niches based on your passions and interests.
  • Break your list down a little deeper into specialized sectors of your niche.
  • Do a little research on your niches to find one or a couple with around 10,000 or more searches.
  • Find a couple of affiliate networks that you can join to help monetize your blog.
  • Ensure there are enough products to promote with great earning potential.

Also a quick reminder do not worry about analyzing the competition in any niche. There are tens of thousands of low competition keywords you can target. As long as you can get your keyword research down then there really is no competition. This is where tools like Jaaxy combined with training like Wealthy Affiliate University come into play.

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