Have you been blogging but you just aren’t getting traffic to your blog? Maybe it’s time that you learn how to promote a blog rather than wait for traffic to find you!!

Let’s face it…

Blogging takes valuable time out of your day so if you are religiously creating blog posts and nobody is seeing those posts, then aren’t you essentially wasting your time?

Ya, I know you are blogging because you want your content to get found in the search engines but the truth is…

Getting your content found in the search engines takes time!!

In this blog post I will show you how to promote your blog for free!

I Guarantee if you use this method every day when you create a new blog post you will notice a substantial increase in traffic.

How To Promote A Blog On Social Media

how to promote a blog - social media buttonsSocial media is so popular these days, so naturally social media platforms are going to be one of the best places to post your blog. Seriously can you think of a better way than leveraging the traffic that all these different social media platforms have?

As long as you are creating good valuable content that people want to read than you will find that this will be a huge traffic source for you.

The first step is to make sure that you social sharing buttons on your blog. If you do not then just search for social sharing buttons from your dashboard in your blog.

And always try to share your blog posts from right on your blog post’s page.

1. Promoting Your Blog on Facebook

  • share your post to your personal Facebook profile
  • share your post on your Fanpage (If you don’t have one I would recommend you start one)
  • share your blog to Facebook groups that are related to your niche. Keep in mind that it is important that you make sure that you are allowed to share to these groups.

2. Promoting Your Blog on Google Plus

  • share your blog post on your personal profile
  • share in communities related to your niche

3. Promote Your Blog on Twitter

  • shorten your blog url with bitly
  • share to your twitter personal profile with shortened url
  • use hashtags related to your post or niche

4. Promoting Your Blog on Pinterest

  • share to your Pinterest profile
  • create a board related to your keyword

5. Promote Your Blog on Stumbleupon

  • share to stumbleupon
  • ensure you add the categories you want to add your post to

How To Promote A Blog Using Viral Content Buzz

So now I want to share with you how to promote a blog using Viral Content Buzz. This is a great resource if you are looking to have other people share your blog posts across social media platforms. Google not only wants to see you promoting your blog but they also want to see that others are enjoying your content as well.

There is both FREE and PAID versions.

Personally I just use the free method, which means that you have to share other people’s content in order to earn points. But it is a great way to increase blog traffic fast.

Once you have earned points then you simply post your blog posts and other people will share on their own social media platforms which will give you more exposure.

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