3 Free Internet Marketing Methods That Will Explode Your BusinessIn this post I want to share with you some free Internet Marketing Methods you can use with your online or offline business. These are obviously not the only methods that work online but they are the techniques that I know to work well.

One of the most important things you can do whether using these Internet Marketing Methods or others is always make sure you are doing income producing activities daily. It is good practice to figure out what income producing activities you are using and implement these strategies first thing. Give yourself a timeline and a schedule to follow.

Example: Let’s say you want to use blogging, the Facebook method, and craigslist advertising, you need to set aside an allotted amount of time in the beginning of your day to do just these Internet Marketing Methods one at a time until they are done. This means turn off all distractions and focus on these income producing activities and only these income producing activities.

As humans it is all too easy for us to have shiny object syndrome and it is very important when doing your income producing activities not to allow this to happen because just stopping to look at this one thing you came across for 10 minutes usually turns into your whole days activities down the drain.

One of the main differences between you and the internet marketing leaders out there, they aren’t just browsing around online killing time,  they concentrate on income producing activities.

Internet Marketing Method #1 – Facebook

facebook internet marketing methodsFacebook is one of the very profitable free Internet Marketing Methods if you know how to use it. All too often people use this method in the wrong way and they don’t attract people to their business or product but rather spam them and piss people off and push them away.

So how do you use the Facebook method properly?

You need to be very genuine and build relationships with people online. Don’t shove your product or business opportunity down their throats. Click the link below to see a free video that shows you one way to use this Internet Marketing Method.

Facebook Method – Free Video

Internet Marketing Method #2 – Blogging

blogging internet marketing methodBlogging is one of the absolute best Internet Marketing Methods available right now. Google loves blogs when they are written the right way and follow Google’s algorithms. With proper SEO it can be incredibly easy to rank high on the first page of Google in a specific keyword or long tail keyword you choose. I will not go too much into that but here is a lot of good information online about SEO and I am in the process of building a video series about this topic so be sure to check back often to look over my shoulder and learn these Internet Marketing Methods.

There are a few basic things you need to do to know to get started blogging. First of all, you need to choose what niche you want to blog in. To figure out which niche you want to blog in you should look at a combination of what your interests are and what is popular on the internet.  Do your research on what topics are most talked about or little-discussed about, and choose which of these you want to write about in your blog.

Once you have found out what you are blogging about you need to find which blogging platform you are going to use then you need to purchase a domain name and web hosting. WordPress and Blogger are probably the best free blogging platforms, I prefer MLSP Sites though because it includes all plugins you are going to want to use and there is no need for hosting.

Now that you have set up your blog and started using this Internet Marketing Method you need to monetize your blog, because without monetization there obviously is no cash flow for your hard work. There are several ways to accomplish this like advertisements, products, affiliate programs, e-books etc..

So depending on your niche you need to find products that you can promote through your blog. Again it is very important not to become a salesman here. Give your audience value and suggest products that they can find value in and the money will start to flow.

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Internet Marketing Method #3 – YouTube

youtube internet marketing methodYouTube is another one of the most profitable Internet Marketing Methods that converts like crazy. Most people would rather watch a video to get the information they are looking for. Again this method can be used in the wrong way, too many use this method and find that it doesn`t work and usually the reason that it isn`t working boils down to a couple things.

First of all is inconsistency and second is the lack of value in your videos. It is very important along with all other Internet Marketing Methods to give people value in your videos.

Do you know anything about SEO, Craigslist Marketing, Facebook Marketing, List Building or anything else that you can share with people to give them value?

Share this kind of stuff in your videos and more people will be willing to look at what you have to offer them.  People want to work with people that can give them value and empower their lives.

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