Many people question the whole eBay drop shipping business model and ask “Is Drop Shipping Allowed On Ebay?”

Some people even think that drop shipping is illegal on eBay or any site for that matter.

In this video I will show you eBay’s policy on drop shipping/product sourcing and answer the question, Is Drop Shipping Allowed On eBay? What I show you might just shock you!


So now you know that drop shipping is allowed on eBay as long as the buyer receives the product within 30 Days and in good condition. The seller also must take all responsibility if the item is lost, stolen or damaged before it gets to the buyer. Also you do not need to state in your listing that your are sourcing your product.

Now the hardest part is to find a good supplier that will be able to keep up to the high demands of the drop shippers on eBay, so that you can keep your seller account in good standing.

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With so many suppliers out there it is incredibly hard to know which ones will have the best price, shipping and items. Even big drop ship companies like Doba and Worldwide Brands have some pretty sketchy suppliers that could destroy your eBay career just as fast as it started.

I personally tried to do drop shipping with Doba before I found DS Domination and I found that most of product source’s I looked at were way over priced compared to eBay and Amazon, so I had a really hard time trying to find product that I could profit from.

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