Are you struggling to learn Facebook marketing and find yourself spamming Facebook Groups in hopes that people will click on your links?

I’m sorry to tell you my friend but…

You are only setting yourself up for failure, disappointment and of course getting yourself landed in Facebook Jail.

In this blog post I am going to share with you some Facebook marketing tips that will help you to stay out of Facebook jail and I am also going to give you access to Free Facebook marketing course you can have access to in order to help you build your business on Facebook the proper way.

Why Does Facebook Throw You In Jail Due To Your Marketing?

If you are reading this then chances are you may have been either thrown in Facebook Jail in the past or else you want to learn Facebook marketing strategies that will prevent you from landing in jail.

So first off…

Why does Facebook throw naughty marketers in jail?

This is actually quite simple, with so many people on Facebook it is only natural that marketers like you and I are going to try to use their platform to build our businesses, right?

Which is fine but there are way too many people who think that it is okay to spam their links all over Facebook groups, pages, posts and messages.

So Facebook has put systems in place in order to prevent this from happening which in turn protects it’s users and gives it’d users a better experience.

Besides let’s face it…

If you are using a Facebook marketing strategy that will cause you to get thrown in the slammer then chances are you probably wouldn’t be able to build a successful business on Facebook anyway and it is probably time that you learn Facebook marketing!

Here are a few things that are prohibited on Facebook:

  • Nudity and/or sexual content
  • Hate speech, direct attacks and credible threats
  • Content containing self harm or excessive violence
  • Fake or Imposter user profiles or pages
  • SPAM

Learn Not To Make These Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Here are a few common mistakes that could land you in jail if you fail to properly Learn Facebook Marketing:

  • Too many messages sent out that get marked as spam
  • Too many messages sent in a short period of time
  • Adding friends too fast
  • Too many unanswered friend requests
  • Friend requests marked as unwelcome
  • Posting to too many groups or fanpages too fast
  • Spamming your links all over Facebook

And to think these are only a few of the common mistakes that people use that get them shut down.

And the sad part is….

People actually learn Facebook marketing that teaches them how to build their business by doing these very things.

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