video marketing ideasHey there, Chris here again.

In this blog post I am going to give you three steps to follow to get more video marketing ideas for your business.

In fact if you take the 3 steps I am about to show you then you will actually have an unlimited amount of video content that you are going to be able to pump out there to generate more leads and finally build the business that you always dreamed of.

Video Marketing Ideas – Step 1!

The first step to getting more video marketing ideas is actually to INVEST.

INVEST, what do you mean?

How will that help me get more ideas?

Believe it or not you are probably already doing this step and you don’t even realize it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you are in a network marketing, mlm or affiliate business then you are probably plugging into training, hopefully on a daily basis but at the very least every week, right?

Then you are investing!

You are investing in yourself by investing your time or hard earned dollars to learn everything that you are learning in order to grow your business. Which brings us to the next step you need to know to find more video marketing ideas.

Video Marketing Ideas – Step 2!

The second step to coming up with more “video marketing ideas” is to LEARN.

So now you have invested your hard earned dollars or your valuable time now it is time to sit down, dig in and start learning.

In fact as I mentioned earlier you are already doing this step!

Every training, webinar or event that you are sitting down to, you are taking notes, or at least I hope that you are taking notes, if not then right now is the time to start. If you are then chances are pretty good that you have a whole pile of notes stacked up on your desk or saved on your computer.

The truth of the matter is, all the notes that you have are in fact, believe it or not “uncashed checks”!

By this point I hope that you see where I am going with this and how Investing in Yourself and Learning can help you come up with more video marketing ideas.

Now that brings us to the last step in this process.

Video Marketing Ideas – Step 3!

The third and final step to finding more video marketing ideas is to TEACH.

Now this is the point where many people will be saying “But Chris how am I supposed to teach, I don’t know anything, I’m not valuable enough to teach, people are just going to look at me as a fake if I try to teach, I’m not a professional yet so nobody will listen to me, I haven’t created results yet, I suck, blah blah blah blah blah”

If this is you than you need to take step back and re-evaluate your thinking process because the truth is, there are people out there who will never have a break through and see the results they want in their business unless YOU and only YOU are the one to get that message or lesson out to them.

The best way for you to build your business is to take everything that you are learning, take notes and pump valuable content out to the marketplace and TEACH others by using those notes (uncashed checks).

So now you should have a whole load of video marketing ideas in your back pocket. Now take those ideas, go out there and start creating valuable content that will impact the lives of others and essentially turn your business around.

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