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In today’s blog post I am going to share with you a simple 5 Step Process To Achieve Network Marketing Success that I learned on Wednesday’s MLSP weekly webinar, this is the process that all of the guru’s you idolize are using to build the network marketing empires.

These things are indeed very simple but you need to just stick with what’s simple because guess what, simple works there is no to over complicate thing and overwhelm yourself.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Promoting Their Network Marketing Business

network marketing tips for guaranteed successFirst off, before we get into talking network marketing tips about how you are going to build your brand and create network marketing success, let’s look at common mistakes people make.

I am just going to keep this section very short sweet and to the point because I know that you just want to get into the meat and potatoes of this post.

First of all, way too often people actually come into this industry with the wrong mindset. They come in with a business opportunity seeker mindset instead of an entrepreneur mindset.

So what is the difference between the two?

First let’s look at the business opportunity seeker. These people often have no goals in mind and no set plan to build their business. They only seek quick fixes, answers and they are looking for instant results and gratification and they are always wishing it was easier.

Once they are not getting results they are very quick to move onto the “next best thing”, whether it be business opportunity or marketing strategy.

On the other hand entrepreneurs are very goal oriented and have a business plan they work on implementing on a daily basis. They are always hard at work to implement their plan, provide answers to the marketplace and work at becoming better with a vision of their long term goals in sight.

They are also very self-disciplined in saying ‘NO’ to the shiny object’s that surround us, and I’m sure you’ll agree there are lots in our industry. But no matter what they always stay the course with their blinders on.

Another big mistake, and probably the biggest mistake is having only one focus.

Focusing On Only Making Sales

What Is The 5 Step Process To Achieving Network Marketing Success?

Network Marketing SuccessNow we get into the meat and potatoes of this blog post, here is where we make the switch from instant gratification and only focusing on making sales to focusing on becoming an entrepreneur and building a business that will help you achieve network marketing success.

1. Content

This is the first of the network marketing tips for guaranteed success to help you build the business of your dreams. You want to use valuable content to attract new website visitors daily, generate leads, convert those leads to sales and then up sell those existing customers.

The key to this is not to pump just any type of content out there, you want to make sure that your message in congruent to both your brand and your niche/target market. Your content should be very strategic and purposeful.

A few different ways you can get your valuable content in front of your audience are

  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • YouTube & Periscope
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Emails

2. Lead Generation

I’m sure you have probably heard this time and time again, the money is in the list. If you are not building an email list then you are not building a business. Your email list is your most valuable asset when it comes to network marketing success in your business and also the most engaged audience that you have. Think about it, these people gave you their name and email because they want and need what you have to offer.

In order to build your list you are going to need a few different thing though. You will need a lead magnet, a reason for people to want to give you their name and email. A great way to do this by give away free valuable tips, tools and/or training in exchange for their email.

Also you will need a lead capture page in order to capture their information. Then you are going to need an auto responder to collect, store and keep in contact with your list.

3. Follow Up

Now that you have captured your leads it is time to start following up with them and building rapport, trust and authority. This is where most people just swipe a follow up campaign code from their upline or create their own follow up series and leave it at that. There was a time when this worked effectively but that time is not now.

Don’t get me wrong, a follow up series is not a bad thing but you also need to do broadcast’s on a daily basis. In your broadcasts you want to share valuable content, a great example of this is sharing the content that you are putting on your blog.

4. Monetization

network-marketing-monetizationThis is when we start to generate an income but pitching one product service or business opportunity is not an effective way to monetize and guarantee success in network marketing.

Here are 3 ways that you can monetize and increase revenue:

  • You will want to get more customers and here is how you can achieve this. You want to lead with a front end offer, typically your front end offer should be a low barrier to entry/low cost these are also known as trip wire offers.Also you want to have a variety of offers so that you speak to multiple customers. Keep in mind you want to make sure that your offers are congruent to your brand and niche
  • Now that you have your customer you need to increase the number of transactions that customer makes.You can accomplish this and work toward network marketing success in many different ways including upsells, cross sells, software, tools and training. Also you can offer different services lice coaching and masterminds.It is also a great idea to have some kind of monthly recurring offer so that you can collect residual income from your customers
  • Next you are going to want to increase the monetary value of the transactions taking place.This is done using a value ladder with a variety of products that your customers can purchase in a variety of different price points. For example maybe you offer a mini course on Instagram marketing for $7, a Facebook course for $47 and a YouTube course for $497.

5. Traffic

This is the last and final of my network marketing tips for guaranteed success.

Generating traffic does not have to be hard as long as you know what you are doing. The key here is to work on only 1 or 2 marketing strategies.

All too often what most new network marketer do is come in and try to learn every marketing strategy that they can get their hands on. But the truth of the matter is you do not need to learn everything. It is far more effective to pick one and stick with it until you have become the master at that network marketing strategy.

One more thing I want to point out is how most marketers also try one strategy and  once it is not working as expected after a short period of time they move onto the next. It is very important if you want to work towards network marketing success to just pick a strategy and work on it until…….

5 Step Process To Achieve Network Marketing Success Video


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