Todays Top 5 MLM Marketing StrategiesHey there Chris here again with another blog post for you to help you build a business online and create the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

Are you looking for MLM Marketing Strategies that will work for you to build your business today?

With so many different network marketing strategies you can use it is hard, especially for someone brand new to marketing, to figure out what is working and what is not working right now.

In this blog post I am actually going to go over the top MLM marketing strategies that are working right now, and as a little bonus for I am going to give to access to FREE training on each of these strategies.

Are Offline MLM Marketing Strategies Still Working Today?

offline mlm marketing strategiesSo I’m sure some people reading this are wondering if offline mlm marketing strategies are still working to be able to build your business.

I am going to be straight up with you here!

I do not personally use any offline strategies but that is not to say that they do not work. In fact I still hear of many people, very successful people too, that do nothing but offline marketing strategies.

Some of the strategies that they are using are of course cold calling (I actually know somebody who is really good at cold calling), newspaper advertising, magazine ads, home parties and even the three foot rule.

Like I said there is nothing wrong with this but the way I see it is if you really want true success and freedom then you need to be online and using an MLM marketing system to do the work for you.

I’m sure you’ll agree, right?

So What Are Today’s Top Online MLM Marketing Strategies?

5 mlm marketing strategiesAs mentioned earlier I truly believe that if you want more mlm sales and more freedom in your personal life then you need to be marketing online.

No question’s asked!

So here is a list of the top network marketing strategies for success, keep in mind these are in no particular order. You need to figure out what resonates with you and run with it.

  1. Periscope – this strategy is fairly new, in fact they actually just launched within the last year or so. What periscope is, if you haven’t heard of it, is a live broadcasting app you use on your phone that was created by twitterNow you have to understand why this is so powerful, live broadcasting offers authenticity to your audience. Nobody wants to be sold the old fashioned way anymore so this gives you an avenue to be able to connect with people on a very personal unedited level. Which people love!Do you want to learn this mlm marketing strategy and get a FREE PDF and video training? Click Here For Access
  1. YouTube – Video-streaming platforms like YouTube have become so popular that you’re guaranteed to find an audience of people who want exactly what you have to offer, as long as you educate, entertain and provide solutions to their problems you will begin to generate lead with this mlm marketing strategy.Here’s some cold hard facts for you. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, 1 billion people visit YouTube each month globally and over 4 billion videos are viewed daily.Do you want to learn how to use YouTube in your business to generate more leads? Click Here For Access
  1. Instagram – In the past few years the number of network marketers using this as one of their MLM marketing strategies has grown exponentially. With millions of users, Instagram has become the perfect opportunity to get quick messages and photos to their target audiences.Originally when Instagram started people were not using this method to market their MLM but in the last few years Instagram has proven over and over to be an effective way for marketers to reach a new audience in a way the audience wants to be marketed to: with visuals and short messages.Do you want to learn how to introduce Instagram as one of your mlm marketing strategies? Click Here For Access
  1. Facebook – This is not only a great way to get in touch with your friends and family, it is one of the best MLM marketing strategies, if it is done right. The biggest problem with this strategy, it attracts so many people who think that it is ok to go around and spam sales page links.Facebook is the number 2 maybe even number 1, most visited website online. In fact as of September 2015 there are 1.01 billion daily active users on average. So it only makes sense to learn how to effectively use this platform to build your business, right?Do you want to learn how to properly use Facebook to build your MLM business? Click Here For Access
  1. Blogging – This is probably one of the most important MLM marketing strategies, especially if you plan on sticking around in mlmmarketing for any length of time. It is very important to brand yourself as an authority in whatever niche you are in and building your own MLM blog is one the best ways to do so.Other reasons why blogging is so important is because for one it is your piece of real estate online, there are no other distractions when people are on your blog. Also you cannot have your blog shut down where as you could have your social media mlm marketing strategies shut down without notice.Do you want to learn how to get your blog set up the right way? Click Here For Access

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