Using Facebook For MarketingUsing Facebook for marketing can be a very powerful marketing strategy but it could also kill your business, your reputation and personal friendships if you don’t do it right. In this blog post I will go over how you should use Facebook for your marketing !

Should You Use A Facebook Personal Page For Marketing?

Using your personal page for marketing can have it’s advantages and disadvantages so you really need to weigh these aspects out and ask yourself if you are willing to risk using this avenue for your Facebook Marketing

Here are a few disadvantages of using your personal Facebook profile:

  • It is actually in Facebook’s policies hat you are not allowed to conduct business on your personal profile
  • Your friends and family  could end up getting fed up with all your marketing and feel like you are bombarding them with all your posts
  •  You may not want to share all of your personal life with your business friends
  • If you want to do paid advertising you cannot do it from within your personal profile

Here are some advantages of using your personal Facebook profile:

  • Some people find it easier to be able to connect with more people on their personal page
  • People can see all your personal posts and pictures and know that you are a real person and not just someone behind a computer screen

Why Should You Use A Facebook Fanpage For Marketing?

The best way to market using Facebook is by creating a Fanpage. Here are a few reasons why this is the best way for you to generate leads on Facebook:

  • You are staying within Facebook’s policies when it comes to using Facebook for business
  • You can reach far more people (hundreds of thousands or even millions over time) if you know how to attract people to you
  • You can do paid advertising and speed up the process of getting leads on Facebook
  • You will be able to see all your insights and know exactly what’s working
  • You can utilize the applications tabs, which is a  great way to build your list
  • It will be far easier to brand yourself and become an authority in your niche
  • You can keep your personal life and business life separate

Strategies You Can Use For Your Facebook Marketing To Get More Likes!

I know this post is just suppose to be about what is better Personal of Fanpage but I love to give value as well so here are a few strategies you can use to get more likes to your Facebook page;

  • Connect with people on your personal page – You can use your personal page to be able to reach out and connect with people through Facebook groups and Pages. then once you are friends with them on your personal profile you send them an invite to Like your Fanpage. Once they have liked your page you can go back and delete them as a friend and in most cases they will never know.
  • Use Facebook as your fanpage – If you go into your admin panel you can actually use Facebook as your fanpage. Once you have done this now you will go ahead and like different pages related to your niche and you will see them in your newsfeed on your page, at which point you can interact with posts and people replying to posts to get a following.

Using Facebook For Marketing – Fanpage vs. Personal Page Video

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